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By Julian Muller

Two Months on the rollercoaster

The first three weeks here in Oxford (-3rd to 0th week) were an incredible time that I like to think back to now, while in the officially 6th week of the trimester. During daytime we usually had to attend a pretty intense maths and accounting crash course. Still, there was no stress and we would go out nearly every evening to explore Oxford’s nightlife, consisting mainly of pubs, trashy nightclubs and bops (cheap, super fun student parties, hosted by colleges).

A lot has changed since then. The four core courses (Economics, Econometrics, Corporate Finance and Asset Pricing) start off pretty intense. They indeed don’t require any pre-knowledge, other than maths, still the pace and load of information is immense. On top of that, you get to understand quite quickly, that you better start looking for a job. Most application processes had already started when we arrived here and deadlines were approaching.

Therefore, for me my fourth to eighth week in Oxford mainly consisted of a mixture of stressed, chaotic interview preparation (that the business school and your class mates greatly assist you in), failed attempts in staying on top of the huge amount of lecture materials and an emotional rollercoaster triggered by interview rejections and “you made it to the next round” congratulations. You could say those weeks were in their own way an incredible time too.

Luckily now, in my ninth week, this is over for me. I got an offer from a bank in London where I will start end of June. Receiving the message was an immense relief.

After dropping job applications normality starts to return. The course is still quite intense, actually even more intense, but accepting long hours during the weeks at least makes some fun weekend nights possible.

Until Christmas break there are no exams so I’ll try to not stress myself out so much any more and rather just enjoy Oxford. A lot is going on here every day. The most famous speakers from CEOs to the likes of Elton John come to Oxford on a weekly basis. Then there is the college, one lives at, that hosts events every couple of days. I also realised, I haven’t been to a proper bop for way to long.

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