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By Adya Singh

Alumni perspective: how the MSc in Financial Economics helped shape my career

MFE graduate Adya Singh is currently a Portfolio Associate at PIMCO, a global investment management firm, where she works in the government bond and related derivatives markets.

My undergraduate degree is in economics, and having worked for three years in financial services, I wanted to continue my formal financial education. I looked at a variety of degrees, but I really wanted to study at Oxford as it is such as prestigious and historic university, and the MSc in Financial Economics gave great access to both fantastic faculty and alumni.

The programme did not disappoint. The electives were incredibly useful in allowing you to focus on topics that you found interesting. The Asset Management Masterclass provided unparalleled insights into how the industry works, and what tools and techniques can be used. The Identification in Finance and Social Sciences course taught me to look at statistics and research claims critically and be able to ask the right questions when looking at numbers.

Coping with the coursework, combined with preparing for job interviews was quite a balancing act, but you get a lot of support from the programme. The careers team worked tirelessly with everyone who sought their help, connecting us to others in our area of interest, or guiding those who were still exploring what they wanted to do.

Before studying at Oxford, I would question whether I was qualified enough to talk about a certain topic, and rarely had the confidence to speak up when I didn’t understand something. The programme exposes you to a vast range of concepts and practical tools, and it has really helped me to progress in my career, by improving both my technical knowledge and confidence. The programme inspires you to consider issues in a very analytical way, to ask good questions and to continue to learn and develop your professional skills.

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