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Posted by: on March 12, 2020

Is the MSc in Financial Economics the right programme for you?

You are most likely reading this post as a current or future MSc in Financial Economics applicant. However, even if you do not fit in this category, I sincerely hope you will enjoy this short article and gain a better idea of what this master’s degree is all about. Rather than talking about myself, I […]

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Posted by: on January 7, 2020

Alumni perspective: why I chose Oxford and the MSc in Financial Economics

Gurleen Singh is a consultant in the Economic and Financial Consulting practice at FTI Consulting, an independent global business advisory firm. I grew up in India and decided to study abroad, but I wanted a subject that would offer me opportunities in different careers. I chose the MSc in Financial Economics because while it offered […]

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Posted by: on December 18, 2019

Alumni perspective: how the MSc in Financial Economics helped shape my career

MFE graduate Adya Singh is currently a Portfolio Associate at PIMCO, a global investment management firm, where she works in the government bond and related derivatives markets. My undergraduate degree is in economics, and having worked for three years in financial services, I wanted to continue my formal financial education. I looked at a variety […]

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Posted by: on April 27, 2016

Oxford Exams

Sitting the examinations for the four core courses of the MFE program (Economics, Financial Econometrics, Asset Pricing and Corporate Finance) is one of the toughest challenges I have ever had to face. Precisely for this reason, I know this will be something I will be proud of for the rest of my life. I came […]

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Posted by: on February 15, 2016

The Oxford Union

I won’t lie to you, this whole experience has been surreal, ever since receiving my acceptance letter I’ve had to pinch my arm at least once per week to make sure I am not dreaming; however belonging to a society whose members include previous British PMs and American Presidents is on a whole different level. […]

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Posted by: on November 24, 2015

Two Months on the rollercoaster

The first three weeks here in Oxford (-3rd to 0th week) were an incredible time that I like to think back to now, while in the officially 6th week of the trimester. During daytime we usually had to attend a pretty intense maths and accounting crash course. Still, there was no stress and we would go out […]

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Posted by: on November 18, 2015

Today I woke up at 5:50 am for a rowing session…

Today I woke up at 5:50 am for a rowing session, with Christ Church Regatta taking place next week, the training plans have really increased the intensity in the last couple of days. After the outing was over, I realized that exactly two months ago I arrived to Oxford. In some ways I feel that […]

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Posted by: on November 5, 2014

The quest for employment

It’s been a busy couple of weeks to say the least, but I figure that taking some time out to reflect may be a healthy proposition. First things first – forget everything that the absurdly optimistic and theoretical past version of myself may have impressed upon you. The wistful days of blissful anticipation for the […]

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Posted by: on October 15, 2014

There is little time left for petty things like sleep

It’s been 3 weeks now since the MFE pre-course started, and they have really flown by. One of the common messages from the many alums that spoke to us over the first week was to prioritize our time well, but the difficulty of that doesn’t sink in until you’re in the thick of it, figuring […]

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